Private One-Day Wellness Workshops
Learn How to Juice at Home!

Learn how to protect and enhance your health, lose weight, become more limber, and let go of stress!

Do you find your health in need of a boost? Ever thought about going to a juice fasting retreat, but couldn't take the time away from work? Did you know that you can juice fast at home and at work? It's not that difficult. Drinking fresh-made organic juice means you are getting boatloads of natural vitamins, minerals, enzymes, electrolytes, probiotics, natural salts and sugars in every drink from REAL FOOD, not overly processed supplements, most of which flush right through the system and are not able to be used by the body. Supplements are not a reliable substitute for the powerful healing effects and benefits of natural, organic, fresh-made juices.

I offer a one-day intensive organic juice fasting workshop in your home where I teach you how to make all the juices you need to conduct your own juice fast. We can also look through your kitchen cupboards together and determine if you might wish to change some of your regular food choices, kitchen ware, and overall knowledge in the edible industry. We can look together at keeping you and your environment in the best health conditions possible. I have helped hundreds of people overcome their health challenges, and can help you, too.

Juice fasts are safer and easier than water fasts,and are designed to help maintain proper blood sugar levels during a period of no solid foods.

Your health is all you really have - protect it and enhance it! An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as the old saying goes. Don't wait til it's too late - take action NOW to detox your body and build up your immune system!

Your One-Day Organic Juice Fasting-Wellness Workshop includes:

  • information throughout the day in all aspects of high health (7 topics covered),
  • juicing demonstrations for five different juices throughout the day,
  • a roll of pH test strip paper with instructions for how to use it and why,
  • a notebook of health information, juice recipes, and so much more!
  • a list of references for health information and organic food sources,
  • a natural colon cleansing product and more information on "how to" and different methods,
  • instruction in Natural Chelation for heavy metal detoxification
  • a two-day Transition-Out Diet guideline for return to solid foods after your juice fast is over
  • a 5-page health questionnaire and personal health consultation,
  • discussion on the use of the Chi Machine for assistance with Lymphatic drainage,
  • unlimited phone consultations after your wellness workshop,
  • a list of Health Movies to watch for more information.

Each wellness workshop has a daily schedule, but is designed to be flexible to accommodate your personal needs.

If you haven't heard of the retreats I held during the last nine years, check the Testimonials page on sidebar. Call to schedule your one-day juice fasting-wellness workshop at your home, and learn how to achieve your highest health!